Aroostook County Health Network (ACHN)


The Aroostook County Health Network will work collectively as one to remove barriers and improve healthcare access for Aroostook County residents.


The Aroostook County Health Network will utilize our existing organizations and identify potential additional partners to create a self-sustaining infrastructure that will enhance quality and access to care throughout the communities we serve.


The Aroostook County Health Network (ACHN) consists of the three Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), who are the founding members of the Network– Fish River Rural Health (FRRH), Katahdin Valley Health Center (KVHC) and Pines Health Services (PHS) – as well as two additional participants – Aroostook Area Agency on Aging (AAAA) and Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) – all of which serve Aroostook County.

The ACHN collaboration has been funded since June 2015 by two consecutive $100,000/year HRSA grants under the Rural Health Network Development Planning program and is currently preparing to apply for a 3-year $300,000/year HRSA grant under the Rural Health Network Development program (June 2017) that will allow for the planning activities to be put into action. The Steering Committee is currently in the process of creating a detailed action plan that will be implemented as the planning grant nears its end in May 2017. The ACHN will continue its efforts regardless of being awarded the Rural Health Network Development Program grant through the additional funding opportunities from other sources.

Some of the planning activities of the ACHN have included conducting a comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey throughout Aroostook County (October 2015), creating network mission and vision statements (December 2015), collecting a full year of referral data from the three FQHC organizations to give insight to in and out of county volumes and wait times (March 2016), acquiring teleconferencing equipment for making communication more seamless between ACHN member sites (July 2016), expanding the network’s reach into social services by inviting (and gladly receiving acceptance from) AAAA and ACAP to join the ACHN (June 2016), and most recently beginning a Care Coordination analysis across The County that will ultimately lead to a better overall care coordination experience for our patients.

Key Stakeholders