Community Health Needs Assessment

Our organization has performed a Community Health Needs Assessment to determine the health needs of the local community.

Data was gathered from multiple well-respected secondary sources to build an accurate picture of the current community and its health needs. A survey of a select group of Local Experts was performed to review the prior CHNA and provide feedback, and to ascertain whether the previously identified needs are still a priority. Additionally, the group reviewed the data gathered from the secondary sources and determined the Significant Health Needs for the community.

The 2022 Significant Health Needs identified for Aroostook County are:

  1. Cancer
  2. Behavior Health: Mental Health, Drug/Substance Abuse
  3. Access & Affordability: Presence & Affordability of Services, Access to Senior Services, Alzheimer's & Dementia
  4. Healthy Lifestyle: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity

We have developed implementation strategies for these six needs including activities to continue or pursue, community partners to work alongside, and measures to track progress.

The Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment (Maine Shared CHNA) is a collaboration between health centers across the state and the Maine CDC. The vision of the Maine Shared CHNA is to turn health data into action so that Maine will become the healthiest state in the U.S. The mission of the Maine Shared CHNA is to:

  • Create Shared CHNA Reports,
  • Engage and activate communities, and
  • Support data-driven health improvements for Maine people.

The Maine Shared CHNA report for Aroostook County can be found at this link.