Kim Chabre, LSW-C, Care Coordinator Named Recipient For Unsung Hero Award For 2019 By Maine Primary Care Association

Bar Harbor, ME – Oct. 16, 2019 – The Maine Primary Care Association (MPCA), a membership organization representing the collective voices of Maine’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), announced the winners of the 2019 Clinical and Administrative Excellence Awards which were presented at a ceremony during the organization’s annual conference in Bar Harbor. The Clinical and Administrative Excellence Awards were created in 2005 to honor the contributions and accomplishments of individuals and health center advocates working to ensure that affordable, high quality health care is available to all Mainers.

The Unsung Hero Award is open to all community health center staff, board members, volunteers, or other individual associated with a MPCA member organization, the Unsung Hero Award is broad in its reach and by design meant to recognize those not usually recognized through traditional MPCA clinical awards criteria. The nominee must have contributed their skill, time and effort towards furthering the vision, mission, and strategy of their health center.

“Kim, who is a Care Coordinator at our Women’s & Children’s Health Center on the Cary Medical Center Campus, has been a true advocate and support system for our patients and their families, making sure they are connected and receive all services essential for the well-being of parents and even for our littlest patients as well. Kim treats every one of her patients with utmost respect, unselfishness, and free from judgement allowing for consistent, comprehensive healthcare to our patients who at times find themselves vulnerable and in at risk situations,” said Lisa Caron, COO of Pines Health Services. “Pines Health Services and our entire organization salutes Kim for this admired award. Simply put, we are just so proud to have her as part of our team.”

“Kim has been a true leader at our health center and has taken part in the implementation of our Medication Assistance Treatment (MAT) program. This program has helped well over a dozen expectant Mothers who are battling substance use and Kim has acted as a shoulder to lean on for these Mothers. Whether it be arranging for transportation to and from the pharmacy to make sure they receive all prescription medications, talking about short term and long term goals or simply just sitting down and listening to her patients who are in need of positivity and encouragement. It is extremely evident that Kim wants to see patients succeed. She never gives up hope that her influence and assistance to get patients up on their feet, will impact patients drive to want to help themselves. With careful help and resources, Kim takes the journey with her patients, assisting them and making great strides to be independent,” said Traci Rogers, RN, and Practice Manager for Pines Women’s & Children’s Health Center.