Lisa Caron, COO, Pines Health Services Selected as 2017 Red Cross Real Hero

Lisa Caron, COO, Pines Health Services Selected as 2017 Red Cross Real Hero

Our very own, Lisa Caron, was selected as a 2017-2018 recipient for the 20th Annual Real Heroes Breakfast. The heroic act must be specific with the mission of the American Red Cross: preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. A committee of community leaders have selected only a handful of Real Heroes chosen for this prestigious award. Below you will find a copy of Lisa's nomination that was submitted anonymously.

On the evening of April 28th 2017 the team at Pines Health Services was gearing up for an evening of fun. This night happened to be our Annual Awards and Recognition Dinner. A celebration held every spring to recognize the incredible folks that make up the Pines team. Our theme for the night was, of course, Superheroes as we like to think of our team as the Super Health Heroes within the community. Lisa Caron, our Chief Operating Officer here at Pines sure had a busy day! She stayed with us all morning and late into the afternoon preparing for the recognition dinner. Little did we all know that Lisa herself, that evening, would become a real Super hero.

Now let’s all picture this, a grown woman, with the most perfect red and blue tutu around her waist, complimented with a bright red superwoman cape, the large symbolic “S” on her chest and polished off with a perfect braid in her hair (done by her Momma, of course.) Lisa was well on her way, dressed to the nine’s for our anticipated yearly celebration when she had only a split second to think, when she came upon an elderly woman who was lying face down by her mailbox on the Van Buren road in Caribou. At first glance it had appeared to Lisa that she had tripped, fallen and was unable to get up. Without a moment of hesitation, Lisa immediately pulled off to the side of the road and exited her vehicle to assist the lady that was dirtied by remnants of winter debris, in distress and in need of medical attention. The sound of Lisa’s calming voice and assurance that help was on the way comforted the elderly woman and within minutes, paramedics had arrived on scene. Although Lisa had some serious explaining to do about her present attire, we couldn’t think of a better time for a Superhero to show up.

This situation that took place is the perfect example of Lisa as not only a leader at Pines but within her community as well. We could not be more proud of our Super Health Hero, Lisa Caron.

Today, Lisa, we honor you. Your courage, kindness and compassion with no expectation of reward inspire the people around you. Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.